With Access for Manual Clitoral Stimulation

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68 Hers

Her 68 position is about fulfilling a woman’s desire by giving her oral sex without her returning the favor. At least not yet. The man lies down on his back, while the receiver gets on…

The G-Force

  The G force sex position is a rear entry and kneeling position that is excellent for G-spot stimulation. The woman lies flat on her back and she raises her knees towards her chest area….

The Mermaid

  The Mermaid sex position is a front entry position that is great for lovers who are seeking deep penetration. The woman lies down on a low table which height reaches to the upper thighs…

The Stair Master

Rear-entry sex positions are sexy as the man gets to get a look at your buttocks. If your man is bonkers about your buttocks then this position works well. You need a place with stairs….

The Shoulder Holder

Let us talk about ambitious sex positions! One of them happens to be the Shoulder Holder sex position. This is technically a missionary position with a twist. The woman is lying on her back and…

The Shoulder Stand

  You will be amazed to find out that both petite and larger women are extremely flexible. We are talking about some women who are extremely gifted and can do the most difficult sex positions….

The Rocking Horse

Do you enjoy the woman-on-top position? The Rocking Horse sex position is an interesting variation of the cowgirl. The man is seated on a couch and the woman bends her knees and sits on top…

The Clip

The clip is a complex sex position that requires a flexible woman and a strong man to perform accurately. The woman lies on her back, and then she pushes her body using her arms until…

The Candle

The candle sex position looks easy enough to do but still requires mastery to perform. This position is very intimate and it is great for lovers who lack the space for having sex. The man…

The Column

  The column sex position is a standing rear entry position that is very intimate and sensual. The woman stands firmly on her feet, and the man stands behind her, facing her back. The man…

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