Head to Toe

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69 is definitely one of the most popular sexual positions in history. It has been enhanced and modified so many times, and even when there are new positions, the 69 never loses its luster. This…

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68 Hers

Her 68 position is about fulfilling a woman’s desire by giving her oral sex without her returning the favor. At least not yet. The man lies down on his back, while the receiver gets on…

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68 His

68 His position is all about giving a man oral sex in a unique position. The woman lies down on her back, while the man positions himself on top of the woman while facing upwards….

The Landslide

The Landslide sex position is a unique and difficult position that requires a man with a long and flexible penis that can be bent downwards. The woman lies flat on her stomach, and she raises…

The X-Rated

If your lady is up for some sexual action, try out different moves to satisfy her. Of course, satisfying your partner is valid for both the parties. There are relaxed positions and there are difficult…

The Propeller

In the Propeller sex position, the female partner lies down on the bed or the floor at ease. This is where the man has to perform the act. The male partner lies on top of…

The Deckchair

The deckchair sex position is termed this way because the lovers having sex in this position bring to mind a deckchair. This sex position is also called the lounge chair position. The man sits on…

The Peg

The peg sex position is a complex position that is actually relaxing and easy to do. The man lies on his left side with his knees slightly bent and kept together. The woman lies on…

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