Man in Control

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  The missionary position is the most basic sex position in the world. It is very simple, and though hundreds of sex positions exist today, many couples still prefer this position. The woman lies flat…

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69 is definitely one of the most popular sexual positions in history. It has been enhanced and modified so many times, and even when there are new positions, the 69 never loses its luster. This…

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68 Hers

Her 68 position is about fulfilling a woman’s desire by giving her oral sex without her returning the favor. At least not yet. The man lies down on his back, while the receiver gets on…

The G-Force

  The G force sex position is a rear entry and kneeling position that is excellent for G-spot stimulation. The woman lies flat on her back and she raises her knees towards her chest area….

The Proposal

When you go on your knees in front of a woman, everyone knows that it is time to propose to your lady. What happens when both the partners go down on their knees? You call…

The Sideways Samba

  The Sideways Samba sex position may seem complicated, but it is meant for anyone who wants to experiment. Spice up your sex life with this delicious position. The woman needs to lie down on…

The Butterfly

The butterfly sex position requires flexibility in the part of the woman and strength from the man. The woman gets on top of a low ottoman or low table and lays down her upper body…

The Sidekick

Ladies, you know how it feels like when you enter a spa. It feels relaxing and you lie down with your tummy placed on the bed. How about getting a little back massage from the…

The Mermaid

  The Mermaid sex position is a front entry position that is great for lovers who are seeking deep penetration. The woman lies down on a low table which height reaches to the upper thighs…

The Stair Master

Rear-entry sex positions are sexy as the man gets to get a look at your buttocks. If your man is bonkers about your buttocks then this position works well. You need a place with stairs….

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