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68 His

68 His position is all about giving a man oral sex in a unique position. The woman lies down on her back, while the man positions himself on top of the woman while facing upwards….

The G-Force

  The G force sex position is a rear entry and kneeling position that is excellent for G-spot stimulation. The woman lies flat on her back and she raises her knees towards her chest area….

The Butterfly

The butterfly sex position requires flexibility in the part of the woman and strength from the man. The woman gets on top of a low ottoman or low table and lays down her upper body…

The Lap Top

  The lap top sex position is a comfortable seating position that is intensely intimate and provocative. The man sits down on a soft chair, and it is preferable that the chair has a slightly…

The Y Curve

The Y Curve sex position may seem difficult at first, but anything is possible in the bedroom. We may not recommend it for anyone with back issues or any major health concerns such as obesity…

The Glowing Triangle

The glowing triangle sex position is a reversal of role to the missionary mission. The woman lies flat on her back on the bed, and then she bends her knees, lifting her feet in a…

The Lustful Leg

  The lustful leg sex position requires a woman who has a very flexible body and more than adequate stamina. It needs strong and energized lovers who can easily handle the pressures of this sex…

The Squat Balance

Can you imagine the number of sex positions in this world? You only tried less than ten, but we have a wealth of sex positions on our site. One of the most interesting sex positions…

The Rowing Boat

Another complex yet the interesting position is the Rowing Boat sex position. The male partner sits in front of you and spreads his legs slightly.  Straddle the lap and let him keep both his legs…

The Shoulder Stand

  You will be amazed to find out that both petite and larger women are extremely flexible. We are talking about some women who are extremely gifted and can do the most difficult sex positions….

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