The Shoulder Holder

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Let us talk about ambitious sex positions! One of them happens to be the Shoulder Holder sex position. This is technically a missionary position with a twist. The woman is lying on her back and she looks all relaxed but the man raises her legs and places them on her partner’s shoulders.

This is when he holds both her legs and enters her wet pussy from between. He can either hold the legs on one shoulder while the woman rests or she can place the legs on both the shoulders. He enters her vagina and drills her till she feels satisfied.

You may have seen the Anvil position, this is another variation that you can try with your partner. She can rub her clitoris during intercourse and orgasm multiple times. This is an excellent position to stimulate the G-spot. Why should boys have all the fun? After she has given you a long blowjob, drill her and stimulate the g-spot.

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