The Sidekick

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Ladies, you know how it feels like when you enter a spa. It feels relaxing and you lie down with your tummy placed on the bed. How about getting a little back massage from the partner and also a good hump? The Sidekick sex position is a rear-entry position that allows the woman to relax and man to be seated in a comfortable position.

The woman lies down on her tummy and the right leg slightly drawn upwards. The man enters her wet vagina and thrusts in till she moans. This is the best position when the woman is well-rested and the man surprises her by entering the wet girl. He can also hump her anus in this position.

It is highly erotic and gives the ultimate pleasure to both the partners.

While your sleeping beauty is enjoying a deep slumber, fold her right leg and enter in this position. She will love it and will wake up all surprised and happy.

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