The Sideways Samba

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The Sideways Samba sex position may seem complicated, but it is meant for anyone who wants to experiment. Spice up your sex life with this delicious position. The woman needs to lie down on the floor or the bed sideways. The legs should be placed straight in the front. It will make a 90-degree angle to the torso.

The woman is positioned in such a way that she makes an L shape with her body. Now the man enters by positioning himself like a modified spoon. He can control the whole act by thrusting in. It is a great position for those who wish to spice up their sex life and add different positions.

Additionally, it is different from all the other positions that you try like doggy or missionary. This is ideal for anal sex as well. This is because the man can enter both your openings in this posture. The Sideways Samba is meant for people who want deeper penetration.

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