The Squat Balance

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Can you imagine the number of sex positions in this world? You only tried less than ten, but we have a wealth of sex positions on our site. One of the most interesting sex positions is the Squat Balance sex position. Now, this is a rear-entry position where the woman climbs on top of a bed or a couch.

Use any low-heigh pedestal too. Climb on the bed and squat. The man will enter from behind. He is standing at the back and holds your buttocks.

The woman balances while squatting and that is precisely why it is known ‘squat balance’ sex position. Make sure that while you are squatting, your legs should be bent and slightly open. Your man will hold your buttocks and support you so that you do not lose balance.

Try it out today! It is extremely satisfying. You can also hold on to his arms for extra support.


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