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It is time to take the oral position to a whole new level with the Zombie sex position. It is a sex position that will take your flexibility test. For those of you who are wondering what this position is, it is basically the popular 69 in a standing position.

Some of the couples may not enjoy oral sex as such, but this one is an interesting position for those who enjoy stimulating each other through the flickering of the tongue. In the Zombie position, the man sits and his legs will be slightly bent. He will drive apart his legs while sitting. Now comes the real action! Please note that the man should be sitting on the floor and not a chair.

The woman faces the opposite direction and places her butt near the face and bends forward. The face should be between the man’s feet and hands are to be placed near the knees of the partner. This way the female can suck his penis and he can enjoy licking her vagina from the back. He gets a good view of the rear as well.

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