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Why should a man have all the fun? It is true that a man enjoys a blowjob, but he should return the favor by going down on the woman. In the Valedictorian sex position, the man does not have to go down as the position requires him to lie down on the bed while the woman is on her fours.

If you want to perform the Valedictorian, the man has to lie on his back and his knees should be slightly bent. The woman has to lean forward and stay on her fours. She should position herself in such a way so that the vagina is right above the man’s face. Once she is in this position, the man enjoys licking her sweet vagina.

Let the man be creative after you have come to ‘on my fours’ position. The man can hold her buttocks and squeeze them while licking her and flickering the tongue around her vagina. This is deeply satisfying for both the man and the woman.

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