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Let us get adventurous for a while! Men and women try out the 69 position a number of times. But, now is the time to try a variation. The tombstone sex position involves the standing 69 position. Your sexual partner turns you upside down to perform the classic 69 but in a standing position. This requires physical strength and optimum fitness.

Please make sure that your partner can stay in the position for long. It requires flexibility and most importantly, the partner needs to have the stamina to perform the position.

Once your partner turns upside down, you enjoy giving them oral sex. Now in this position, either the man can flip or the woman. However, make sure your heads are reaching the vagina/penis to perform oral sex. Although it is safe to perform this position, we recommend trying it out a couple of times. First and foremost, get the handstand right and the partner should be able to support you while you are in a headstand.

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