The Visitor

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Sometimes you do not plan a sexual encounter. Say hello to one night stands and quickies! When you are not prepared and want to have impromptu sex, then the Visitor sex position comes handy.

You are standing face to face and one of the legs of the woman are between the man’s legs. He enters her vagina while standing and thrusts in. He can grab her by wrapping around his arms and she can do the same. This is much like a dancing posture. You may have seen the moves in Bachata dancing.

It is a comfortable position as nobody has to bend or stretch. This is easier when your woman is of the same height. If you are petite and short, make sure you wear heels. Curvier women may have some trouble as his penis may not be able to penetrate you because of thick thighs. Do not worry! There are many more positions for curvy women too.

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