The Standing Wheelbarrow

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Now here is a challenging sex position that might take a toll on your woman. If your woman is fit and flexible, she can do this Standing Wheelbarrow sex position like a PRO.

The benefits of the Standing Wheelbarrow sex position is that it offers deeper penetration and full stimulation. The penetrating partner (the man) will stand upright and the woman supports her weight with her hands. She can either place her hands on the chair or the ground.

The woman keeps her legs on either side of the partner’s body. He holds legs and thighs tight so that he can enter her vagina. Although it is challenging but once done right, you get the best time of life. Wish to impress your man? Introduce this sex position in the bedroom. He will be pleasantly surprised. But, make sure you give him a good head before you get into this position. Get him really hard!

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