The Slide

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The Slide sex position is quite interesting as the woman is on top. This woman-on-top position allows the woman to stay in partial control. First of all, the man lies down comfortably and the woman goes on top of him. She settles herself on his penis and moves up and down. For better rhythm, the man can hold her buttocks and she can wrap her arms around the man.

Either he can move his penis in and out or the woman can ride his penis by going up and down. It depends on the partner’s understanding of whether the man wants to drill her or the woman should do all the work. It is quite intimate as you can watch him moan and the partners can indulge in a long and wet kiss.

Don’t forget to place your vagina on the penis the right way. This is easier for women who have good stamina. It can be a little straining for the girl’s knees. Practice riding his penis from time and again to be perfect at this.

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