The Seduction

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Dying to try a new position with your partner? The Seduction sex position requires flexibility and a bit more creativity. It is another complex version of the missionary.

The woman knees and bends backward. She is the submissive one here as the man finds his way in between her legs and thrusts in. The knees of the lady should be tucked beneath her buttocks. It is a sensual sex position where the man can suck her breasts and kiss her passionately.

He penetrates her vagina and goes in deep. Although it is a highly pleasurable position, you need greater flexibility. The man-on-top position is meant for getting closer to your partner. The Seduction sex position is a must-try!

Why is it called THE SEDUCTION? Well, the woman showcases her flexibility in a very sexy way. Her curves and other attractive body parts are exposed in this position. Additionally, the clitoris gets stimulated wonderfully in this posture.

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