The Rock ‘n’ Roller

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Majority of the women like their man to be on top. The Rock ‘n’ Roller sex position makes your woman moan with pleasure. You can choose any surface for this, but it should be flat. Get on top of a bed and lie down. The man finds his way between your legs. He raises your legs and keeps them on his shoulders.

The partners can even do this position on a sturdy table. It gets hotter and better on a table!

The man enters your vagina just like he would do in the missionary position. While he is humping your vagina, he can even stimulate your clitoris with his fingers. You can tell him whether you want it to be hard or nice ‘n’ slow.

This position is meant for deeper penetration. You are face to face with your partner and can kiss passionately. Try this man-on-top position and satisfy your partner in every way!

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