The Plough

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If you have seen a plough, then you would know how this sex position works. The Plough sex position allows you to go deeper into your woman’s wet vagina. The woman can rest her arms on the bed and the rest of the body hangs out. The man stands at the back and lifts you off the bed and holds your legs.

He enters from the back and thrusts in. It is ideal for both anal sex and vaginal sex.

It is all about how much time the woman can support herself through the arms. Also, the man lifts her off and holds her body weight. The Plough sex position is ideal for clitoris stimulation and allows the man to go in deeper.

Please note that both partners need to be athletic and flexible to perform this posture. Make sure you perform this position safely. Do not leave your female partner as she could get injured. Try out this extremely satisfying position today!

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