The Perch

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You may have seen the seated sex position in movies, but now it is time to try it out. It is highly sexy as the man can rub her clitoris, squeeze the breasts and even play with her nipples. The Perch sex position is all about the man being seated on a chair. Make sure it does not have any hand rest. The man and woman should be free and they can change positions from time to time.

The man sits on the stool/chair and she sits on his penis comfortably. He can wrap his arms around her waist or keep it on her thighs. Now the woman goes up and down the penis and enjoys the stimulation of the clitoris. While your woman is going up and down your penis, make sure you rub her clitoris.

There is a twist here! Even the man can help the woman to move up and down. Just hold her waist or the hips to help her move up and down. This is a highly satisfying sex position.

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