The Hero

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The hero sex position requires a pillow as a prop for elevation. The woman lies flat on her back, and she bends her knees while they are widely spread apart. The man kneels in front of the woman, and then he puts a pillow under his lover’s bottom in order to elevate her pelvis. He lefts the right leg of the woman straight up, and he holds her ankle to steady her leg. He kneels with the knees wide apart and enters her.

The man uses his right hand to stimulate the woman’s clit, while he watches her writhe in pleasure as he pounds into her vagina. The woman can fondle her breasts to show visual sensuality for the man. She can also stimulate her own clit.

This position allows for deep penetration, and the sexual gratification comes from the act of penetration, and the visual stimulation from both lovers.

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