The Glowing Juniper

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The glowing juniper sex position is a seated position that promotes G-spot stimulation and deep penetration. The woman lies flat on her back and she opens her legs in a wide-angle. The man gets in between the woman’s thighs and sits there with his legs underneath the woman’s thighs. His legs are spread apart in a straight angle on either side of the woman, positioning his feet beside the woman’s head.

The man lifts the woman’s pelvis and brings her middle body closer to his groin. The woman’s thighs are now positioned above the waist of the man, and her knees and feet are dangling freely at her lover’s back.

The man keeps on holding the woman’s sides as he enters her, and leans his head slightly forward to allow for deeper penetration. The woman uses her hands to fondle her breasts for a sensuality show for the man.

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