The Dolphin

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The dolphin sex position is a unique position that is perfect for stimulating the G-spot of the woman. The woman lies flat on her back, with her legs spread apart, and her arms at her side. The man gets in between the legs of the woman, facing her.

The man lifts the woman through her waist, bringing her pelvis in the level of his groin. The woman’s knees are bent, resulting in her ankles dangling slightly below the man’s bottom. The woman holds on to the man’s thighs for support.

Only the shoulders and head of the woman are left in the bed, and the man lifts her waist to allow entry to her vagina. This position does not allow fast thrusting, but it requires gentle and slow sex.

This position needs a flexible woman and a strong man. However, clit stimulation is not easy in this dolphin sex position.


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