Sex Slave

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Sex slave is an oral sex position where the man lies down on his back and elevates his upper body through his elbows planted on the bed. He bends his knees and spread them wide open. The woman kneels between his thighs, lowers her body down and starts to give him a blowjob.

Men usually love to watch women lick and suck them. It is so sensual for them, and the visual activity is enhancing their sexual pleasure.

The man can rest his hands on his side, or he can hold on to the woman’s hair and pull hair to convey his sexual desires. He can push her head down, even more, when he wants deeper penetration into her mouth.

The woman can play “dribble” on the man’s testicles and sucks him dry on his penis. This sex slave oral position is indeed very stimulating and satisfying for the man.

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