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The seesaw sex position is a great position for those seeking intense G-spot and clit stimulation. The man sits on the bed with his legs stretched out and has a small opening. He leans back and puts his arms at the back, planting his palms on the bed to support his weight.

The woman climbs on top of her lover’s lap while facing him. She carefully bends her knees and positions her feet close to the man’s hands. The woman leans backward, placing her hands on the man’s legs at her back.

The penis enters the vagina, and the woman leverages her legs to push into the man’s groin, and she is in control of the pacing. The woman can provocatively rotate her pelvis for greater clit and G-spot stimulation.

For increased penetration, the man can put a pillow underneath his bottom so the woman can be stimulated more passionately.

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