Best Sex Positions for Virgo

Best Sex Positions for Virgo
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To conclude that Virgos are only intellectual and analytical might be an understatement of sorts. Virgos are not your regular chaps and most of the time carry the moniker of “the smartest guys in the room.” They are analytical – think through before making a decision, nonsensical – which makes people write them off as unemotional, and at times coy – tendency to be picky on who they pour out their feelings to. While most people might consider Virgos to be picky and rigid, they ooze a different kind of sexual energy and fetish the moment they become comfortable with you on an intellectual.

They are the kind of people that gets turned on by intellect and more often than not, ascribe to the “beauty and brains” tag line. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this sixth sign of the zodiac is that their clamor for perfectionism is in no way selfish. Virgos are known to incline towards submissiveness and as such, more willing to be of service to people they care about in bed. They don’t feign amnesia in bed and are the ideal partners to indulge your wicked sexual fetishes.

Yes, Virgos keep a record of or rather remember every little detail of your sexual fetishes with the goal of indulging them and making you have the best sex of your life so long as they are comfortable with it. They bring heaven to earth with their selflessness when it comes to matters of the bedroom. Don’t expect them to be cagey or refrain from expressing what they really want in the bedroom. Their tendency towards submission doesn’t mean that they will give their own pleasure a wide berth. They can be quite specific about their needs and wants and as such, make a great team with a partner that can indulge their deepest basest of emotions without judging them.

How is the zodiac sign in bed?

A Virgo is an interesting character in bed. If you’ve not connected with them or rather is having sex with them for the first time (think of a one night stand), they may come across as cold. This, however, does not in any way mean that they are not in touch with their sensual side. In fact, once you strike a rapport with a Virgo, you can expect the best sex of your life! Why is this so?

Well, Virgos are quite detail oriented in bed. They take immense satisfaction in giving pleasure to their partner. Once they come out of their shell and connect with you, its highway to the moon in so far as pleasure is concerned. However, if they feel threatened in some way in bed, they might recede into a cocoon of mediocrity which might be annoying to say the least.

To tap into the sexual fury and passion of a Virgo, it’s essential that you make them feel relaxed and secure. The only way they can let loose and be themselves is if you create an environment of mutual love and security. To get the groove on, work on your physical appearance. Virgos are turned on by a partner that gives great importance to hygiene.

To a partner that they have a connection of sorts with, Virgos are a dream sexual partner of everyone. They are detail oriented and quite meticulous in providing pleasure. They analyze your body focusing on your pleasure spots with the precision of an expert giving you that elusive earth shattering orgasm!

What are the best sex positions for Virgo?

The best sex positions for a Virgo are those that allow them to give their thoughtful and analytical nature a wide berth and tap into their emotions.


To a Virgo, foreplay is incredibly important and 69 is the perfect position for a Virgo to focus on their partner’s body as opposed to their thoughts and insecurities. 69 accords the Virgo the perfect opportunity to turn off their analytical and intellectual brain, focus on the pleasure buttons of their partner, and tap into their emotional side. As the Virgo gives and receives pleasure intermittently, their sensations and emotions take over making them feel secure and bring down the emotional walls they’ve built around themselves. In this position, each partner lies on the side facing in the opposite direction while their mouths are focused on the genitals as they mutually pleasure each other.

Classic doggy style

The fact that Virgos tend be laidback with a person they are having casual sex with doesn’t mean they don’t bring their A game on in an environment where they feel secure. The classic doggy style and Virgo’s are a match made in the clouds. This style taps into the Virgos kinky side and it’s all about lust and taking control or being owned in the case of a lady. Doggy style on the floor, bed, shower, or couch brings out the Virgos wild side and accords them an opportunity to let loose and simply enjoy the moment. A liberated Virgo is an untamed animal in bed.

Any BDSM inspired sex position

Any BDSM inspired sex position, and they are many if I might add, would get a Virgo’s Heart racing. Think of cuffs, whips, blindfolds, light feathers to mention but a few. A Virgo comfortable in their own skin is willing to go to any lengths to give and receive pleasure. Considering the fact that Virgos love order and tend to follow a certain routine, a deviation from the norm where they are bound with leather, spanked a little, and being told that they’ve been “bad boy or girl” will surely get them excited beyond measure. All that’s needed is to tap into their wildest sexual fantasies and you will be promised of an unforgettable sex!

In conclusion, while Virgos might take some time to come around if they are not comfortable, there is no denying that they are quite reliable in the bedroom in so far as giving and receiving pleasure is concerned. The key is to tap into their kinky side, connect with them on an emotional level, and enjoy the best sex of your life!

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