Best Sex Positions for Taurus

Best Sex Positions for Taurus
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The earth sign, Taurus, is a complete opposite of the fiery, crazy, and adventurous Aries fire sign. Taurus are reserved, dependable, diligent, determined, love being in their comfort zone, and as such, more drawn to stability. Unlike the Aries sign that loves quickies, exhibitionism, adventurous, and wild crazy sex, the Taurus sign is a complete opposite. Taureans love sex with meaning, sex that is all about connection, exploring each other’s bodies, and sex that would be considered romantic in every aspect.

Think about long and sensual kisses, tender touches/caresses, bodies in harmony, eyes locking, and meaningful pleasurable sex. They are more or less rigid in bed and wouldn’t be open to crazy sex styles that gets them out of their comfort zone. To the Taurean, sex is all about connecting with the object of their affection on a deeper physical level which, of course, makes such exciting sexscapades like public sex or quickies not their thing.

Taurus love foreplay, for their partner to set the mood, and ensure that they are red hot and physically connected for some earth shattering orgasm. Taureans are soft, gentle, and more at home in their comfort zone. Simply put, don’t expect Taurus to jump into or try any sex position they deem uncomfortable.

How is the zodiac sign in bed?

With Taurus, bringing your “A” game or animalistic wild side is not enough. I mean, Taurus are all about romance. You need to get in touch with your romantic side to fully gel with Taurus. Taurus in bed love slow, long, and incredibly rewarding sensual sex. They love to be touched on the right spots, sensually kissed into oblivion, feel relaxed, connect with their partner on a deeper physical level, and enjoy long and drawn out sex.

Taurus are very specific about what they want in bed. Don’t surprise them with crazy sex styles as that would take out the fun in what they consider mind blowing and rewarding sex. Forget about wild sex and crazy sex positions you saw in that porn movie. Taurus like to be in touch with their inner beings. They love to feel protected, their bodies explored sensually, to lock eyes with the object of their affection, and their genitals to be stimulated sensually in bed. Put simply, Taurus love to keep it slow, steady, and sensual in bed!

What are the best sex positions for Taurus?

No doubt, romance is the secret word when it comes to satisfying a Taurus. Think about sensual massages, long sensual kisses, and full on foreplay. To a Taurus, sex is all about feeling secure, confident, and in touch with their partner. Sex needs to be meaningful, sensual, and comfortable. In light of this, what sex positions are the most preferred by Taurus?


What comes to mind when you think of spooning? Believe it or not, Taurus are considered tactile creatures that get turned on by the little romantic gestures. Yes, they love to be held and cuddled in bed. No wonder spooning is one of their best sex positions! It brings out the security they so much clamor for, the desire to be wanted, to be snuggled close, and to be comfortable. Spooning allows for sex at a very intimate level.

Spooning is more or less an extension of cuddling. Think of those quiet movie nights when you are just cuddling on the couch watching that romantic movie. You can feel the beautiful scent of your partner, she can feel your throbbing dick pressing against her ass, your hands are softly massaging her boobs, and your breathing against her neck is making her go crazy. This level of romance is what spooning is all about. It allows for you to enter your partner from behind sensually until they achieve an earth shattering orgasm. For creatures that constantly crave for romance and to be adored, spooning is without a doubt one of Taurus’s favorite sex positions!

With this position, the woman feels protected and the man acts as the protector with none of them being in control. As Taurus have a reputation for being lazy in bed, Spooning is indeed the perfect sex position for those romantic movie nights at home or a lazy Sunday morning!

Classic missionary

Oh who doesn’t love old classic missionary sex? Well, this is subject for debate. What we surely know is that the earth sign Taurus has a bias towards the classic missionary sex position. Most Taurus’s subscribe to the mantra “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!” Explains why they feel more at home with the classic missionary position occasionally determining who goes on top. The classic missionary position allows Taurus to lock eyes with their partner, stroke their hair while gently and sensually enjoying deep strokes. It is, for lack of a better word, allows them to connect on a different physical level.


The 69 sex position is all about sensuality and oral sex. It is that classic sex position that allows Taurus to give while at the same time receiving pleasure. It is selfless, rewarding, and incredibly intimate. It is the ultimate sex position for the earth sign that is secure, confident, and willing to explore their partner’s body. The man lies on his back while the woman on top facing the other way such that both genitals are in each other’s mouths. This is the perfect sex position for the Taurus who is no doubt fond of masturbation and intense foreplay as a prelude to penetration. It gives Taurus the free will to eat out or suck on the partner’s penis while the hands are free to touch and explore as they wish. It is the apex of eroticism and passion!

Cowboy or Cowgirl

The fact that Taurus is a sign that craves stability doesn’t mean that they give exciting sex a wide berth. Every once in a while, Taurus would want to turn it up and there is no better sex position than a cowgirl/cowboy. Simply put, any variation of the cowgirl/cowboy would work just fine for Taurus. The girl on top riding his partner to oblivion may really get off Taurus. Every now and then, Taurus might leave the comfortable spooning or missionary sex position and desire to be ridden like a bull. Explains why genderless cowperson is one of their favorite sex position.

To sum it up, Taurus is all about comfort, stability, sensuality, confidence, and romance. They need to connect, to explore, to feel safe, to feel wanted, and to reach the inner depths of their sex passions. To a Taurus, full on foreplay, masturbation, and body exploration makes a great prelude to penetration!

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