Best Sex Positions for Scorpio

Best Sex Positions for Scorpio
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Guileful, driven, intense, mysterious, and creative, the 8th sign of the zodiac, Scorpio, symbolizes sex in all shades. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not in any way insinuating that all Scorpios, in their entirety, are sex-centric. To do so would be nothing short of fallacious. After all, there are other signs of the zodiac that are considered super sexual, too. Yes, I’m referring to you Cancer, Taurus, and Leo!

In as much as you might not be a true believer in all things zodiac signs, one thing that is for sure is that your zodiac sign has a great impact on how you interact with others, influences your tastes and preferences, and ultimately explain why you do the things you do. Strange, right? Well, we are not going into the science of how this is so. For now, what we are more concerned about is scorpios and sex.

Scorpio, the water sign, are inclined towards extreme sex. Considering the fact that they are ruled by the element of water, they tend to go deep or rather submerge themselves in matters sex. Yes, you guessed it right. A Scorpio wouldn’t mind sex under water, in the Jacuzzi, or a quickie in the shower. In addition to this, Scorpios are not only all about getting down and dirty but they also have a hunger for sexual knowledge. They will read widely about sex and try to understand about their sexuality, their sexual tastes and preferences, and what makes them tick in bed.

How is the Zodiac sign in bed?

To a Scorpio, satisfactory sex should be transformative (emotionally, physically, and spiritually), animalistic, and all-consuming not only for them but also for their partners. Scorpios abhor boring and dull sex. They want sex that makes their soul to leave their body quite literally. The sex needs to be intense, fulfilling, and with a little bit of role playing.

In bed, Scorpios are not restrained. Expect them to indulge their wildest sexual fantasies without holding back. If they have a wicked sexual fantasy, they will most likely make it a reality. They consider themselves the Alpha Male of sexuality, drawn into BDSM, and love to dominate in bed. To them, sex is all about expression and power. They would do anything to leave an indelible mark in the sexual lives of their partner. Simply put, hitting the sack with a Scorpio might change your perspective of pleasure forever!

A Scorpio understands and knows exactly what they want in bed and are not afraid to communicate it to their partner. They are direct and have a sexual magnetism that will turn even the most skeptical of people into believers. This magnetism is what makes their partners to totally surrender to them in bed and make Scorpio do as they wish to take them to the moon. They are meticulous with their hands, know the pleasure buttons to press, and sure as hell, not restrained to bring their dirtiest sexual fantasies to reality!

What are the best sexual positions for Scorpio?

Considering the fact that Scorpios assume the position of power, and a master in bed who takes great pleasure in dazzling their object of affection with unrestrained love and pleasure, what sex positions are they most inclined to?

Sex in wet environments

Freaky? Daring? You guessed it right. Scorpios love to get wet and get it on in aquatic environments. Think about that quickie in a shower, intense sex while skinny dipping, or doggy sex at the foot of a waterfall! Ruled by the water sign, Scorpios love getting it on in water environments. In fact, a quickie in the morning is bound to set the mood for explosive sex later on in the day. A Scorpio is game for sex in a swimming pool, Water Park, the ocean to mention but a few.

The exact sex position in this case is not the point. The element or rather the environment in which the act of sex unfolds is. To a Scorpio, water unites, lifts, and drives them to try different sex positions that would be a tad difficult in a normal sex environment.

Light BDSM

Bondage, domination, and taking control kinder sex is a huge turn on to a Scorpio. As stated earlier, Scorpios are super sexual and prefer extreme sex. Of course, consent before indulging in this kind of sex is essential. Light BDSM means sex where things such as whipping, choking, and spanking are done in moderation.

This type of sex gives a Scorpio the opportunity to be in touch with their animalistic side, indulge their wicked sexual fantasies, and set the pace in the bedroom. It accords them an opportunity to be in touch with their dark side and bring to reality their dirtiest sexual fantasies. Simply put, with light BDSM, anything goes. Nothing is off limits so long as it’s mutually consensual and safe!

Mutual masturbation/solo show time

No doubt, Scorpios love to get physical and explore every inch of their partner to orgasm. However, they are also into masturbation and every once in a while, they wouldn’t mind for their partner to take a backseat and watch the show they are about to put for them.

Yes, Scorpios are in touch with their own bodies and know the pleasure buttons to press to achieve ultimate orgasm. This kind of intimacy provides them with an opportunity to explore their bodies’ right before their partner. They get off from seeing their partners please themselves or watch their partners dying to have a piece of them as they pleasure themselves to obscurity. Think of lap dance in the sitting room, being tied on the bed as they pleasure themselves and you are their helpless. That is the stuff that turns them on and sets the stage for explosive sex!
To sum it up, a Scorpio loves to go to the extreme when it comes to sex. They can be intense, crafty, domineering, mysterious, and driven to try out any sex position without thinking twice!

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