Best Sex Positions for Sagittarius

Best Sex Positions for Sagittarius
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Ever found yourself wondering why you are the way you are, behave a certain way, or why you like the things you like. Well, all it takes is to look at your stars. I understand that there is a whole bunch that care less about the science of the zodiac signs. Fact of the matter is, your zodiac sign has a great impact on your tastes and preferences, how you generally interact/socialize with others, and the manner in which you utilize your time to mention but a few. Did I mention your sexual preferences too? Well, yes!

As we are talking about sex and zodiac signs, let us now change gears and shed light on the 9th sign of the zodiac – Sagittarius. This fire sign is known to seek knowledge, is adventurous, unapologetically truthful, joyful, outspoken, and loves to explore new horizons. Sagittarius is known to be brave, confident, and more often than not, rarely back down from a challenge. This interesting attribute comes to the fore between the sheets too. If you thought suggesting a crazy sexual experience to a Sagittarius will wade them off, you are dead wrong.

When it comes to sex, Sagittarius is not afraid to express themselves and have no qualms turning you with dirty talk and graphical representation of their wildest sexual fantasies through words. They are daring, lean towards exhibitionism, and have a rep for going big when it comes to sex. Want to have sex on a moving motorcycle? Sagittarius is game!

How is the zodiac sign in bed?

Spicing things up in the bedroom is Sagittarius favorite past time activity. Forget about routine and laid down rules. Sagittarius is bold in bed and if given the opportunity, loves to go big. In fact, they ascribe to the mantra “go big or go home”. For Sagittarius, sex is not a “by the way” thing. It’s a very important act and central in their day to day life. Sagittarius crave pleasurable and satisfactory sex.

Their idea of rewarding sex is one where adventure, role playing, exploration, and fun takes center stage. With the right partner, Sagittarius is willing to set into motion crazy sex ideas. Yes, they can switch from timid to wild partners in bed with a person they feel comfortable with. If they are engaging in a risky sexual adventure, the bigger, the better. Think about sex on top of a horse or on a moving motorcycle. Perhaps one of their admirable qualities in bed is that they can be really patient and accommodative. You don’t have to worry about judgmental eyes when with Sagittarius. They understand that sex is an art and in order to achieve ultimate pleasure, their partner needs to be on the same page with them.

What are the best sex positions for Sagittarius?

Passionate and versatile in equal measure, which sex positions best suit Sagittarius? The below mentioned sex positions are not absolute. Why, you ask? Well, people have different tastes and preferences. However, the ones mentioned below tick Sagittarius.

Outdoor sex

Sagittarius loves to go big in matters sex and sex outdoors gives them the rush. They love to explore and sex in different locations outdoors can really spice things up. Nature sex, be it while camping, in an underground cave or atop a tree, Sagittarius are willing to try out anything. To them, sex is an adventure and exploration part of the game. Forget about the fear of being caught. This is what Sagittarius feeds off of. It doesn’t matter which sex position they resort to while outdoors. To a Sagittarius, even missionary position in the woods with dirt underneath makes for some really hot sex!


Sagittarius treat sex as a forever learning experience where exploration is always part of the game. As such, foreplay is a necessary prerequisite to explosive sex. They love to receive and give pleasure in equal measure. There are no boundaries. Just trying out new things, exploring every inch of the body, role playing, and going as far as possible to achieve the ultimate orgasm. The idea is to take your time while in the bedroom with Sagittarius. Don’t rush anything. Focus on their pleasure buttons, explore every inch of their body, and have them reeling with pleasure even if you don’t get to the finals!


Anything that makes the Sagittarius man blood rush will sit well with him in the bedroom. Yes, it’s not uncommon to have some sort of a playful wrestling match and have them enter you from behind before you even know it. The spontaneity, the spur of the moment, and the surprise element is what gives Sagittarius the pleasure. They love to be in control and doggy position gives them the perfect opportunity to be in touch with their wild side. In addition to this, Sagittarius love doggy with a twist. Forget about the traditional doggy position. Expect variations of it and be prepared to achieve the big O as they thrust inside you in quick succession.

In a nutshell, Sagittarius love playful sex that is sensual and fulfilling. Outdoor sex gives them the kicks. They are bold and daring and more often than not, will be willing to try out some crazy sex style just to get the rush of it. To them, sex needs to be enjoyed and spicing it up with some funny sex games, sex toys, dressing up, and role playing will do the trick.

The element of surprise turns Sagittarius on. They hate routine sex. Yes, they are the kind that would hide and wait you in the closet and just as you are about to change and relax from a long day at work, bend you over and have some hot quickie sex with you. This kind of scenarios is what excites them and taking sexual risks outdoor further heightens their sexual pleasure!

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