Best Sex Positions for Pisces

Best Sex Positions for Pisces
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The 12th and final sign of the zodiac, Pisces, is an interesting character sex wise. Casual sex is frowned upon. To a Piscean, sex, love and affection go hand in hand. A Piscean will only have fulfilling sex with a partner they are soulfully connected to. They crave not only physical but also emotionally satisfying sex. By nature, Pisces have a rep for being sensitive, deeply spiritual, empathetic, and artistic to mention but a few.

Perhaps what best distinguishes Pisces from other signs is their uncanny tendency to embrace escapism and fantasy. They are ever thinking and fantasizing of ways or scenarios in which they can spice up things in the bedroom. As such, don’t be surprised when a Piscean comes to you with an elaborate picture of how they want the next sex session to be. To them, sex is an opportunity for them to escape from their day to day stress.

A Piscean is not afraid to go for what they want provided it is with a partner they are closely connected to. Sex needs to be both emotional and physical. Once they are settled emotionally, Pisces are willing to explore the world of sex with no limits. They are into intrigue, role playing, and fantasy. If you have some sex games up your sleeves or secretly fantasizing about some dressing up, Pisces are always game. Pieces love wholeheartedly. What this essentially means is that they fall in love hard and within a very short time.

However, you need to maintain the idea of what made them fall in love with you in the first place. Otherwise Pisces are known to lose interest pretty fast. If they fall head over heels in love with you, expect to be pampered, spoilt, and sexed well. They are seductive, love to set the tempo in the bedroom, and willing to go to great lengths to light up sparks in the bedroom.

How is the zodiac sign in bed?

Sex with a Piscean is a romantic affair. Their sense of imagination is unmatched and they always have something up their sleeves to spice up things in the bedroom. Be it being blindfolded, a little teasing, dressing up, being tied up, or trying one of those sexy moves in 50 shades of grey, a Piscean’s well of imagination knows no limits.
With Pisces, expect to open doors to a world of sexual fantasy you never imagined. Expect new sensations, innovation, creativity, and experimentation in bed. Forget about the conventional sex. Everything is done with a twist and with only one goal in mind: the Big O. Sex with a Piscean needs to be initiated when both partners are relaxed, in sync, and willing to explore their fantasies without any inhibitions.

In bed, treat Pisces with love and tenderness. Adore them and tell them how important they are in your life. Ensure that you have an emotional connection because Pisces need to feel connected with you on an emotional level before they can get physical with you. Perhaps the most amazing thing about Pisces is the fact that they are not selfish in bed. They are willing to go an extra mile to ensure that your wicked sexual fantasies become a reality. In essence, they are more of givers than receivers. Simply put, if you show love and affection to a Piscean, expect things in the bedroom to be hot!

What are best sex positions for Pisces?

We all have sex positions we are naturally incline to, right? Well, if you are Piscean, you will find the following sex positions interesting.

Sensual Massage

Well, not exactly a sex position, right? However, if it ends with the Big O which happens more often than not, sensual massage is number one in the list of most Pisces. As mentioned earlier, A Piscean wants to be emotionally and soulfully connected to their partner before they get into the mood for some hot sex. Nothing sets Pisces into the mood like a sensual massage. It creates an environment where the Piscean taps into their emotions and ready to indulge their wildest of sexual fantasies. Soft romantic music, scented candles, aromatic oils, and red flower petals sets the stage for what would be an explosive sex session. All you need to do is make use of the sensual massage to explore Pisces body and meticulously work on their erogenous zones. When done right, you can be assured of memorable sex!


As a water sign, nothing awakens Pisces emotions and allows them to tap into their sexual fantasies like 69. This sex position comes naturally to Pisces as it allows them to be fully engulfed, explore each other’s bodies, get lost in their emotions, and understand what it is that makes their partner tick. Mutual pleasure turns Pisces on. As they are good givers of pleasures, 69 accords Pisces the opportunity to mutually satisfy one another.


One sex position that screams emotional connection is spooning. In as much as Pisces are artists, this is one sex position that they find irresistible. Characterized by low physical energy and deep connection between two partners, this is one of the favorite sex position for a Piscean who craves love and affection. It allows for either the Piscean Man or woman to relax and simply nurture and protect. The kind of emotional energy that Spooning creates is perfect for this sign that naturally craves closeness and soul connection.

To sum it up, Pisces love to engage in meaningful sex. Casual one night stands are not their cup of tea. For sex to have meaning, it needs to be with someone they are connected to emotionally, someone they love and care for, and someone they can tap into their wicked sexual fantasies with!

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