Best Sex Positions for Libra

Best Sex Positions for Libra
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Perhaps, no sign of the zodiac is as sentimental with an affinity to whimsical fairy tales as Libra. Ruled by Venus – the planet that epitomizes love and beauty, the seventh sign of the zodiac is all shades of romance and the trappings that come with it. Talking about sex and love, Libras take the bragging rights. One would be right to insinuate that they are hopeless romantics.
Libras live for romance and for fulfilling sex. Yes, they love to be pampered with love and the trappings that come with it. Think about those sexy dinner dates, vacations in exotic old castles, sizzling sex in a Jacuzzi, an evening replete with old school romantic music, flirty text and sexting, to mention but a few. To a Libra, these little displays of affection turns them on and brings out their wicked sexual desires.

A Libra is not your typical reserved next door neighbor kind of a girl. They can be unpredictable when it comes to sex. Sometimes, they want slow, sensual, and romantic love making with a little bit of light biting and nibbling here and there. Sometimes, they simply want you to bend them over out of the blues and fuck their brains out. There is no right or wrong rule for a Libra when it comes to sex. A Libra doesn’t want to be confined to a routine. They are adventurous, naughty, free spirits, experimental, and renegades without a cause when it comes to sex.
Once a Libra is in the mood, she is yours for the taking. Once the mood is set, nothing is too risky to try out. They can be tender, borderline vocal, spontaneous, freaky as they come, and wouldn’t mind foreplay in public or some raunchy quickie in a clubs bathroom. Libra craves attention and want to be owned, to be seduced, subdued by their partner, and feel emotionally connected to them. They are, in no uncertain terms, all shades of a sex god/goddess.

How is the zodiac sign in bed?

Let’s face it. If we were to choose one word that characterizes what a Libra is like in bed, that word would be “explosive”. In bed, Libras are hot, fiery, daring, risk takers, passionate, ardent, to mention but a few. If there is one thing that stands out with Libra, it is their ability to be creative in bed. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Sex with a Libra can never be dull! They always have an idea of what they want in bed and you know what? They don’t shy away from telling it to their partner!

Once a Libra feels safe and secure with you, they let lose. They are open to acting out their wildest fantasies with someone they trust and love. They are innovative in bed, open-minded, tender and freaky in equal measure, and understand their bodies well. The only downside or limitation to their creative or innovative side is if they distrust you. That is a deal breaker. Once they distrust you, they recede into their shell which basically means seducing them can be a tough nut to crack. As an air sign, Libras are free spirits willing to try anything in bed so long as it’s with a person they are connected emotionally to.

Yes, think about dressing up, role playing, handcuffs, blindfolds, whips, trying out a new sex style they’ve never heard of. Libras are game any time! They are a different ball of energy when it comes to sex and are not afraid to explore their own bodies or that of their partners.

Libras are turned on by intellectual conversations. Dry conversations to them are a turn off. They would rather have a deep conversation with their love interest over a cup of coffee rather than aimless talk devoid of intellect. For this reason, Libras are bound to get along very well with other air signs such as Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius.

What are the best sex positions for Libra?

In light of the aforementioned interesting sex attributes of Libra, what are their favorite sex positions?


69 is any Libras favorite number. Which sex position would be better for a Libra than one where they can freely dish out pleasure and receive it in equal measure? Libras are all about having explosive meaningful sex and there is no better position to achieve this desire than 69. It doesn’t matter whether you subscribe to the old school 69 position or a modified one, the fact of the matter is, Libras love reciprocity and 69 never disappoints!

Any sex position with a bit of BDSM

If you’ve watched 50 shades of grey or any of its amazing sequels, that is the kind of stuff that gets a Libra to the moon. Whether we are talking about missionary position with a twist or doggy position with hair pulling, Libras love to dominate and to feel dominated. They love to spice things up in bed by tying or being tied up by their partner, light whipping, a little spanking here and there, safe and erotic choking, feathers, and blindfold just to mention but a few. Any sex position that involves teasing and body exploration will have a Libra reaching for the stars!

Rider on top

Don’t get it twisted. A Libra queen every once in a while loves to be in control. They want to ride you while on top without losing eye contact as the two of you slowly build up to an earth shattering orgasm. This sex position is appealing to a Libra not only because it’s intimate and romantic but also because it’s freaky and brings out their dirty gangsta sexual vibe!
With that said, if you are dating a Libra, be ready to try out new things in the bedroom, indulge in wild sexual fantasies, spice up things in the bedroom through role playing, explore each other’s bodies, and leave the rest to the gods of pleasure!

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