Best Sex Positions for Leo

Best Sex Positions for Leo
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If we were to briefly describe the fifth sign of the zodiac – Leo, we wouldn’t be considered hyperbolic if we used the following vocabularies: confident, outgoing, courageous, charismatic, enthusiastic. Don’t get it twisted. Leos are not laidback and for lack of a better word, epitomize the word “super flirt” in the real sense of the word.

The outgoing and confident persona also shows up in the bedroom. Forget about the laidback and conservative type of sex. The fiery sun, Leo, are known to be quite liberal in the bedroom. There are no red lines that can’t be crossed and they are more than willing to go to any lengths to satisfy their wildest sexual fantasies. Yes, Leos love to role play and are not afraid to indulge in their wildest sexual fantasies.

Dating and having sex with a Leo can be addictive and borderline obsessive. Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little bit there. However, if you find yourself making up excuses just to go over and visit a Leo or the thought of them with you in bed makes your knees go weak, just know you’ve been wowed beyond compression by this fifth sign of the zodiac. Super flirts by nature, Leos are the souls and life of the party. Yes, they are aggressive when it comes to wooing and more often than not, they end up having spontaneous sex just for the kicks of it.

They can be a little selfish and love to be showered with gifts, praises, and being told what a bull they are in bed. This is a huge turn on for them. They also don’t shy away from expressing themselves in the bedroom. Think of that noisy neighbor whose screams and groans during sex are unsettling. That is Leo for you. They are bold, charismatic, a little dramatic, and, inadvertently, love to be “a little over the top” in the bedroom.

How is the zodiac sign in bed?

Leos are all about experimenting and trying different things in the bedroom. To them, nothing is off limits. They love to role play, act out fantasies in bed, indulge in guilty pleasures without thinking twice, and taking on another persona of their fantasies without an inch of guilt or shame. They are, in no uncertain terms, the antithesis of liberation in bed.

In bed, Leos love to be adored and flattered in bed. Yes, such phrases as “you are a lion”, “you are my Sucre papito”, “You make my knees tremble” serve to feed their big ego. They love sex immensely and are willing to try anything out to make it as enjoyable as possible. They are a different ball of energy when it comes to role playing and they don’t shy away from dressing up at a moment’s notice. What’s more? Leos are not lazy in bed. On the contrary, they love to show unmatched great dedication to their partner – more or less like making them their center of the universe in bed.

To them, sex is serious business, satisfaction the rule rather than the exception, and experimentation the order of the day. Sex to a Leo is not only confined to the bed. No, no, no. Leos love exhibitionism and risky sexual encounters. Sex indulgences in places they are not supposed to gives them the rush. The risk of being caught heightens their animalistic senses and gives them the ultimate satisfaction. As such, a Leo would never turn down a quickie at the clubs bathroom, in the car during the day, or even full blown sex while the blinds to the window are drawn!

What are the best sex positions for Leo?

One thing we can’t run away from is that Leos love to be in charge. They love to be consistent in bed, bold with their sexual exploits, and more than willing to experiment. In light of this, which are the best sex positions for Leo. Which sex positions do they find appealing compared to others?

Doggie position

It comes as a no brainer, right? Think of the curved back, moderated hair pulling, a spank here and there, and deep coordinated strokes! This is what feeds into the fantasy of a Leo. Their object of affection is on all fours, their back curved in that sexy position, and the Leo in charge as his strokes are met in unison with the gyrating hips of their partner. This is a sex position of control. It gives Leo an opportunity to perform, own their partner, and ultimately appeals to their animalistic side!

On top and in charge

Any variation, be it erotic V or missionary on top, will work so long as it screams domination. Leos love to be in control or bluntly put, love taking a dominant position while having sex. They love to be in a position where they can set the pace, the tempo, the rhythm, and control the motion of the ocean. Being on top and in charge gives Leo the opportunity to admire the object of their affection as well as the vantage point to perform the best way they know how. With this position, Leo can kill two birds with one stone. Get the attention they need and deliver a befitting performance at the ultimate stage – the bedroom.


Experimental by nature and with a huge sex appetite to boot, Leo doesn’t shy away from inviting a third person into the party. To a Leo, three is not always a crowd. A threesome would be perfect for a Leo especially if they are the center of attention. Yes, being adored by two people while having sex is a humongous turn on for a Leo. It is what they yearn for, what they fantasize about, and what gives them that “oh boy” feeling.

In as far as a Leo is concerned, they have the necessary energy, love, and bags of sexual tricks up their sleeves to go around!
In conclusion, as regards sex, Leos are a different ball of energy. They are not laidback, are more than willing to experiment, love to be in charge, role play, and are not afraid to express what they want!

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