Best Sex Positions for Gemini

Best Sex Positions for Gemini
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Gemini, the third sign of the Zodiac, is open to a world of possibilities when it comes to sex. Forget about the lazy Taurus or the fiery, crazy and adventurous Aries. The Gemini likes to experiment, switch things up, role play, act out different things in bed to mention but a few. Geminis are a different ball of energy and this boils down to their air sign which basically makes them open to try out a whole lot of things to achieve the ultimate orgasm.

Gemini is the perfect lover in bed. Okay, maybe the use of the word “perfect” is a little stretched. But you get the point, right? Simply put, Gemini likes variety. The air sign is uncontainable just like air. He is not economical with pleasure and is known to give and receive in equal measure. To a Gemini, sex is all about expression, it’s all about communicating in the language of love, and switching up things to spice up sex in the bedroom.

To a Gemini, routine sex is boring. Forget about missionary week in week out. Forget about laid back sex devoid of any spark. Geminis are all about innovation and experimentation in bed. Expect to switch up sex styles and spice things up in the bedroom!

How is the zodiac sign in bed?

Unlike Aries, Gemini is not a casual sex type of person. While this might come handy every once in a while, Gemini’s prefer proper and meaningful sex. They crave a connection with their partner and put great emphasis on giving and receiving. They love to communicate during sex and ultimately get turned on by raunchy sexting. Yes, a Gemini would really get turned on through sexting as opposed to those nude photos.

To a Gemini, sex is an opportunity to experiment and try out new things. Think about dressing up, role playing, dirty talk, acting out the wildest sexual fantasies, and tapping into ones deepest basest of emotions. They can be sensual, kinky as they come, and get turned on by switching things up. A Gemini in bed would love to try a few sexual positions and try out those hot sex scenes you see in movies. Yes, think about ice cream being licked off your nipples, dressing up like Cleopatra, or role playing those sex scenes in 50 shades of grey!

Geminis are open to a world of possibilities in bed. To them, normal is boring! Sex doesn’t always have to be in bed. How about today we do it on the carpet? Or maybe on top of the washing machine, or in the kitchen as you make breakfast? This air sign takes great pleasure in experimentation and as such, if you are the kind of person where anything goes, Gemini will indeed take you to the moon!

What are the best sex positions for Gemini?

The changeability and unpredictable nature of Gemini can really make it a tad difficult to specifically pin point which sex positions are their favorite. That said, this air sign tend to have a couple of go to sex positions that rank up there as their favorite. Let’s dig in. Shall we?

Split missionary

Also known as the erotic V, the split missionary accords the Gemini an opportunity to deeply penetrate their partners while at the same time engaging in other things such as neck kissing, ear nibbling, dirty talk while locking eyes, sensual moaning and groaning, dirty whispers to mention but a few.

In this position, the partner being penetrated lies on their back and their better half penetrates them from the top. This position is more or less like the missionary sex position the difference being the penetrated partner has their legs raised above and their knees almost touching their shoulders in V-shape.

The Plain

Does the thought of your partner lying flat out on their stomach, slightly elevating their torso as you enter them from the rear turn you on? Well, this sex position, referred to as “the plain” is quite a favorite of the Geminis. It not only allows for maximum pleasure but the partners can gently kiss, exchange dirty words, while rocking in unison to the strokes.

While this sex position might be considered lazy on the part of the woman, there is no doubt that it is incredibly pleasurable depending on how intimate the partners are.

Doggy Style spiced up with hair pulling

Dominant or submissive sex? Well, the Gemini can be a whole lot dominant if they are in the mood. However, this does not mean that they can’t be in the mood if they so wish. As mentioned earlier, Geminis like to switch things up in the bedroom. What better way to do this than doggy style where a whole lot of hair pulling is part of the game?

This sex position makes the penetrator feel dominant while the partner being penetrated assumes the submissive role. With this sex position, the Gemini can fully own their partner, get kinky, spank them a little, and talk dirty while penetrating them to an earth shattering orgasm. In essence, it brings out the creative side of the Gemini to play. Here, innovation is key.

In conclusion, Gemini is a creature of variety when it comes to bed. With a Gemini, expect for things to be spiced up in the bedroom. Forget about routine and be ready to enjoy sex in different locations, scenarios, and try out a variety of sex positions! Geminis don’t shy away from role playing, dressing up, switching up things in a moment’s notice, and being in touch with their own wild sex fantasies. They are free spirits in bed and sex to them is all about innovation, experimenting, and deeply connecting with their better half!

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