Best Sex Positions for Capricorn

Best Sex Positions for Capricorn
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Your stars aside, the truth of the matter is that every single one of us has a favorite sex position. Yes, that comfortable style we more often than not find ourselves indulging. The question is, does your star have a say on which sexual positions you are more inclined to? The unequivocal answer is yes. For Capricorn, aptly referred to as “the father of the zodiac” sex is about getting to the top, winning, and ultimately commanding respect.

In life, Capricorns are go getters. They are always pre-occupied with getting ahead at work, climbing the corporate ladder steadily, and throwing a fuss about miniscule things such as the power/water bill being too high or why that AC is not functioning as it should. When it comes to sex, Capricorns are still waters. You know what they say about still waters? Well, they run deep. The trick to having great sex with a Capricorn is to have them feel comfortable, protected, and secure.

Once they are in their comfort zone, a Capricorn will throw caution to the wind, let loose, and really get into the act of sex. To them, sex is not just a pleasurable activity. It is serious business. They want to, for lack of a better word, command respect in the bedroom. Once you manage to make a Capricorn let loose and comfortable in their own skin, you can expect some explosive and rewarding sex. They are givers and as such, not selfish. Yes, they genuinely want you to reach the mountain while in the bedroom and would do everything possible to see their loved ones get satisfied in the bedroom. Adorable, right?

How is the zodiac sign in the bedroom?

Create the mood, set the stage, touch the right places, and you can bet that you will have explosive sex in the bedroom with a Capricorn. Capricorns are turned on by words. They want to hear those dirty words whispered in their ears about how bad you want to rip them apart, how the thought of them has turned you on the whole day, how their scent makes you want to go nuts, and so on and so forth.

Such things drive Capricorn to the age. And yes, take your time with them in the bedroom. Don’t be in a rush to get to the finals. Take your time to work on their bodies, ignite their passion, make them want to have you, and then hold back a little. That very act of “near yet so far” really turns them on. Remember that Capricorns are natural givers and, therefore, stoking the fires of passion in them sets the stage for explosive sex.

They put your sexual fantasies ahead of theirs. It’s not uncommon for them to make you achieve orgasm before they achieve theirs. They might be ferocious and quite competitive in the corporate world but when it comes to bed, they like to make their partner the center of their attention. Don’t try to switch things up suddenly. Don’t try to introduce new styles. Stick to a position they are comfortable in, sit back, relax, and enjoy fulfilling sex!

What are the best sex positions for Capricorn?

In light of the above Capricorn attributes, one thing that is for sure is that Capricorns are basically rivers that run deep. They desire comfort, security, and protection. So which sex positions are they naturally inclined to?


It comes as a no brainer, right? Simple, straightforward, and classical missionary will do it for a Capricorn any day, any night. It doesn’t entail anything crazy and Capricorn doesn’t have to get out of their comfort zone to please their partner. For a Capricorn woman, Missionary allows them to cede control, submit, and let their partner do with them as they please. Different variations of missionary position are just perfect for a Cappy that is more often than not, deemed to be analytical in bed. It is a position of familiarity and only requires a few twitches to help their partner achieve the big O.


This is the sex position of romance and it clicks well with a Cappy because they need assurance, to be wanted, adored, and feel secure. The slight twist is that spooning in this case should be that of a lion and not a kitten. Hold them close, caress and squeeze their breasts, plant kisses on their tender necks, whisper dirty words in their ears, and let them feel your dick throbbing and dying to enter them from behind. And just when they are lost in ecstasy, wet and wanting, enter them from behind and rock the boat till they achieve an earth shattering orgasm! This is what Capricorns live for. A sex position that requires little to no effort and one which awakes in them the deepest basest of emotions.

Man standing

A Cappy wants to control the rhythm and motion of the ocean and there is no better position than a man standing. Whether you are facing each other or the man is entering you from behind while standing, this is a position of giving. The Capricorn is focused on giving pleasure and symbolically aligns with their star of carrying the weight of the relationship. If you are facing each other, the man can squeeze their partners butt as they enter them while the woman can gently caress the back of the man. If the man is standing behind, he can methodically enter the woman as his hands caps and squeezes the woman’s breasts!

To sum it up, Capricorns are an interesting lot when it comes to sex. They love a little of both domination and submissiveness. While they tend to be ferocious and quite aggressive when it comes to achieving their goals in life, they tend to take a back seat in the bedroom and let the other partner have their way with them. They are not selfish lovers and will be more than happy to put your sexual needs ahead of theirs. The trick is in figuring out a way to get them let loose and you can be assured of rewarding and fulfilling sex!

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