Best Sex Positions for Cancer

Best Sex Positions for Cancer
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The water sign, Cancer, is all about compassion, sentimentalism, and generosity with his/her emotions. The fourth sign of the zodiac are a different breed altogether. They are not the selfish type in the bedroom and more often than not, prefer giving pleasure than receiving. To them, the satisfaction of their better half comes first. The crabs have an affinity towards slow sex, sensual touches, romance, and fulfilling love making. However, don’t be fooled by this attribute.

Every once in a while, crabs love to engage their playful, rough, and dominant side. They can at times switch from this gentle, soft, and romantic side to playful, rough and domineering side. To the Cancer, sex is all about feeling at home, being comfortable in one’s own skin, and going to any lengths to achieve ultimate pleasure. Crabs love to feel safe between the sheets. To put it in another way, a Cancer is more likely to be themselves between the sheets if you are good to them, treat them with tender loving and care.

Those little gestures such as rubbing noses, gentle kisses on the neck, whispering sweet nothings to the ears, spooning, and cuddling to mention but a few, are bound to take Cancers to the moon. Did I mention that the moon is the planet that rules Cancer? Interesting, right? Cancers are all about feeling safe and loved. They are, for lack of a better word, all shreds of tenderness. The more a Cancer loves, trusts, and feels safe with you, the more they are likely to try new sex positions with you out of their comfort zones. They are emotional creatures whose trigger in the bedroom is in how gentle and intimate their partners are.

How is the Zodiac sign in bed?

Forget about out of the blue quickies, spanking, or mild choking. Cancerians don’t like to feel threatened in the bedroom. They adore a partner that connects with their emotional side, plants kisses on their necks when they least expect, touches their sensual spots with unmatched expertise, reassures them of how beautiful and adorable they are, and sets them in the mood with little effort.

Crabs are all about fidelity. They will have explosive and enjoyable sex with a partner they feel cares about their emotions, loves them for who they are, and values the institution of family. To put it in another way, Cancerians value the idea of family, feeling protected, and stable relationships. As sensitive creatures, they tend to build a wall around themselves which at times might seem like impenetrable. However, once you win their assurance and get them to open up, the world of sex with a Cancer knows no limitations.

The key is to be attentive to their needs, be patient, make them feel loved and protected, and they will open up and let loose. If you are the kind that loves wild, adventurous, and rough sex, Cancer might disappoint. No doubt, they might compromise on this every once in a while but don’t count on it every single time. To them, romance and intimacy takes center stage in bed.

What are the best sex positions for Cancer?

We already have a definite idea of how Cancerians are like in bed, what turns them on, how they like to be treated in bed, and what lets them loose. In light of this, what are the best sex positions for Cancer?


The fact that Cancerians naturally crave for intimacy and cuddling, spooning is one of their favorite sex positions. Being held close in between their partner’s arms provides a sense of protection, love, and intimacy to the Cancer. From this position, it’s easy to caress the boobs and thighs, gently kiss the neck or stroke the hair, whisper sweet nothings to the ear, and light up the flames of passion in the crab.

The light rubbing, tickling, squeezing, and tickling of the breasts will make any Cancer burn with passion. This makes for fulfilling spoon sex where intimacy and security is on another level. The trick is in making the Cancer man or woman feel secure, wanted, and adored in bed.

Mutual Masturbation

Crabs may be all about connection, sensual touches, and gentle kisses here and there. However, Cancerians are also known to get off watching their partners pleasure themselves. Yes, no touches. Just sitting across their partners and watching them pleasure themselves to an earth shuttering orgasm! This type of sex is also perfect in the shower. Cancerians, being creatures of the sea, love to get wet and there is no better place for mutual masturbation than in the shower!

Missionary on top

To a Cancer queen, sometimes all it takes is the good old classic missionary on top. It puts the Cancer queen in control and in a position to moderate the pace and achieve orgasm on their own terms. The missionary on top provides for some steamy sex and the Cancer can have things their way and take charge of their own satisfaction. Yes, keeping it old school might be a turn off to the ever adventurous Aries. However, to the Cancer, it’s a turn on that gives them the ticket to enjoy some steamy old school sex with their partner!

To sum it up, it would be fallacious if we were to unilaterally conclude that the above sex positions are the ultimate favorite for all crabs. Not at all. People, irrespective of their signs, have different tastes and preferences when it comes to matters of the bedroom. However, given the intimate nature of Cancer, sex positions inclined towards romance, intimacy, and passion are up there in terms of preference. Don’t forget that a Cancer needs to feel loved, secure, and protected before they can let loose and enjoy steamy and unforgettable sex!

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