Best Sex Positions for Aries

Best Sex Positions for Aries
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The fire sign, Aries, epitomizes youthful optimism, domination, control, competitiveness, aggressiveness, and bubbly energy just to mention but a few. Born between March 21st and April 19th, the first sign of the zodiac loves to be ahead of the pack. They love to call the shots, to be the alpha, to set the trend, and be the best and first at everything. They are the sign that loves action, getting things done, and being on top of everything. This Alpha male tendency translates into the bedroom.

Aries love to dominate in the bedroom. If you are the kind that loves sensual sex, laid back traditional sex, pauses during love making, long periods of connection, touches, and prolonged sex session games, Aries is most definitely not your sign. If you are out there looking for a person that can dominate you in bed, press those buttons that bring out your wild side, handcuff and totally own you in bed, Aries is your sign.

They are as domineering in bed just as they are at achieving their goals in life. They are all about wild sex, trying crazy stuff in bed, taking control of you, engaging in risky sex in public just to mention but a few. Aries love their sex hot, spontaneous, rough, crazy, and a little sensual as well as aggressive. They are all about action, action, and action. Aries don’t like to fool around. They don’t want to waste time on frivolities or preliminaries. They simply want to get to it! They are go getters in life and the same energy is transferred to the bedroom.

How is the Zodiac sign in bed?

If you are the kind of person that believes in the science of compatibility, you are most likely curious to know how Aries are in bed. Okay, forget about the tall, dark, and handsome moniker. Forget about the “she has to be curvaceous, love like Cleopatra, and turn heads when she walks into a room” line. Sex is just as important for a relationship to be successful. You need to be with someone that you are compatible with in bed, someone who awakens in you the deepest basest of sexual emotions, and makes you want to hit the sack every time you think about them.

Is your curiosity piqued? If yes, how is the Aries zodiac sign in bed? As alluded to earlier, Aries are full of vigor, domineering, impulsive, and aggressive in bed. Do you love to be subdued, domineered, and fully controlled in bed? If you answered in the affirmative, Aries are your best bet. They are not the lovey dovey foreplay kind of people. They are adventurous, crazy-like, and your best bet if you want to act out your most weird of fantasies. Yes, Aries are crazy in bed, cardinal, fiery, and with a tendency to keep things hot.

They are risk takers and wouldn’t mind kicking the boots and getting it on in the most unlikely of places. Been fantasizing about a quickie in the washroom of your favorite club? Aries are your best bet! Is engaging in public sex one of your bucket list items? Aries have got you covered! Simply put, Aries are not the lazy type in bed. They love to be in control, take the lead, and are willing to go to any length to bring you sexual pleasure you’ve only imagined in your mind!

What are the best sex positions for Aries?

Now that you have a rough idea of how Aries are like in bed, you are probably curious to find out the best sex positions synonymous with this particular sign. Granted, your preferred sex position boils down to tastes and preferences. That is not in doubt. However, people with this zodiac sign tend to gravitate towards the following sex positions.

Kinky playful bondage

Think along the lines of 50 shades of grey. Think handcuffs, think blindfolds, think domination, think being tied on the bed, think being subdued, and think being overpowered. Does the mere thought of it turn you on? Well, Aries are inclined to rough sexual intercourse. Rough sex that puts them in touch with their wild side is what gives them the ultimate satisfaction. They are animals in bed and get off from a little spanking here and there, subtle choking, and everything in between that screams BDSM.

Of course, all these need to be done in moderation and with full consent of the partner. It is important to have a healthy boundary and have a candid discussion with your partner before exploring the kinky playful bondage. Have a clear understanding of what buttons can be pushed, how far one can go, as well as establish the safe word should things go a little to the extreme. If you are dating an Aries, some kinky playful bondage, a little bit of spanking, handcuffs, and blindfolds might really add fire to the sex life!

Doggy sex position

Named after the traditional way dogs have intercourse, this sex position comes as a natural for the adventurous and dominant Aries. The Aries is in control while the partner is on her fours in total submission. The Aries moderates the strokes and have his way over the submissive woman who can either sit still or gyrate her hips in unison with the strokes. Since Aries are known to put pleasure of their partners before anything, the doggy sex position gives them the perfect opportunity to hit their partners G-Spot. It allows Aries to connect to their wilder side and be in touch with the most primitive of their instincts!


Here, simplicity is key. The fire sign Aries at times want to keep things simplistic and classic. What better way to do it than the old time classic missionary position? While it’s true that they are adventurous and animalistic sex turns them on, their lust for the missionary sex position allows them to fly and be whatever they can be in bed! To them, keeping things simple and classic is one of the best things you can do in bed.

In a nutshell, spontaneity, borderline crazy, power play, adventurous, and animalistic sex that brings out their dominant nature is what ticks the Aries fire sign. They are exhibitionists and the best sex partners to try out something out of the ordinary like a dash to a clubs bathroom for a quickie or dangerous and risky public sex!

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