Best Sex Positions for Aquarius

Best Sex Positions for Aquarius
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While there are many sexual attributes to the different signs of the zodiac, Aquarius comes across as the sexiest. Among the air signs, Aquarius takes the bragging rights as being the most sexual. Aquarius are known to have a wild imagination and never run out of ideas on how to spice things up in the bedroom. Their creative nature, willingness to go beyond the call of duty in bed, and penchant for novelty surprises has made them earn the tag of the most sexual among the Air signs.

Aquarius are known to be eccentric, humanitarian, social, forward thinking, and headstrong human beings. Sex to them is a fun activity and needs to be approached with the seriousness that it deserves. They are turned on by the unconventional. They love to taste the waters and see just how far they can go in their quest to give and receive pleasure. To an Aquarius, anything goes. Sex is all about exploration and having fun while at it.

Their open mindedness and willingness to try new things in bed have made them the perfect partners for those that relish doing the extraordinaire in the bedroom. Be it trying out new untested sex toy technology, light bondage, or a quickie in the back seat of a bus, Aquarius serve it to you fast and hot. They are all about enjoying new sexual experiences and forging a connection with their partners that defies logic. They are capable of engaging in deep intellectual conversations with their lover and wouldn’t think twice before engaging in a sexual truth or dare game!

How is the zodiac sign in bed?

The idea of a perfect evening for Aquarius is having that deep intellectual pillow talk with their partner before fucking each other’s brains out. They love to feel connected to their partner in order to let loose and indulge in any sexual fantasies. Once an Aquarius feels safe, you can expect them to unleash their wild side in bed. At this point, nothing is of limits. You can tie them in bed, light chock them, spank them, nibble their ears, blindfold them, lick ice cream off their nipples or belly button, and simply have your way with them in the dirtiest way possible.
Conventional sex is boring to an Aquarius. They are creative and innovative in bed and as such, want a partner who can switch things up at a moment’s notice. Aquarius tend to have rewarding and explosive sex with a partner they feel share their dreams, fears, point of views, ideas, and even ascribe to the same philosophy of pleasure. While they might at times appear shy in bed, this is just the calm before the storm. If you get to connect with them, make them feel secure, and unleash their inner animal, sex with an Aquarius is quite an unforgettable experience!
They also tend to desire or want their partner to focus on unconventional parts of their bodies. Yes, think about feet licking and sucking, and knee caresses just to mention but a few.

What are the best sex positions for Aquarius?

We’ve deduced that the Aqua woman or man loves to approach from an intellect point of view. We’ve also seen that they love to be caressed in unconventional places such as knees, feet, and cheekbone. So which sex positions appeal to the Aqua man or woman?

Face to Face

This is a sexual position attempted by those who feel confident about themselves and about their partners. The Aqua Man and woman love this sex position because it allows them to connect on a different level. It’s a sex position of many possibilities and accords the two partners the opportunity to tightly embrace, caress each other, enjoy slow and rhythmic sex, and simply tap into their wildest sexual energy. It can be done while standing up, while sitting down, or whatever variation that the Aqua man or woman find comfortable. With this sex position, one can have sensual sex while locking eyes, adoring their partner, and telling them how lucky they are to have them in their lives.

Facing the wall

I mean, who doesn’t like this sex position? The thought of it alone is enough to make you rock hard or have your juices flowing. Aquarius in particular love this sex position because it makes them feel special, adored, and wanted. The element of surprise, too, goes a long way in making this sex position their favorite. Imagine approaching your partner, turning them around, pressing them against the wall, whispering in their ears “you’ve been a bad girl”, and then proceeding to penetrate them right there and then. Hot, right? That’s the stuff movies are made of and Aquarius find such situations quite irresistible so to speak. It’s the perfect sexual position of surprise as well as an important one when you want to spice things up in the bedroom.

Rider on top

As an Aqua woman, taking charge, setting the pace, and controlling the motion is at times all you want for an unforgettable sex experience. You want to be in charge of your man and as such, determine how you achieve orgasm. What better way to do this than go for the woman on top sexual position? You simply tell your man to lie on their back and let you take them to paradise. You can ride them like a horse and moderate how and when you achieve orgasm.

To conclude, the Aqua man or woman loves sex with a partner they can connect with intellectually and one who isn’t shy to try out new things in bed. The element of surprise is a huge turn on. Once Aquarius is comfortable and in touch with their inner sex animal, expect maximum intimacy and mind blowing sex!

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